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With nearly 25 years of experience within the sports industry, as a professional athlete to start with at the international level (multiple medallist both nationally and internationally, World Champion, double Olympic Games finalist), as a coach, manager and sports director, I am now embarking on a journey where I can use the knowledge and the wealth of experience to help organisations to succeed.

Throughout the years, I have led individuals and teams to success. I have worked closely with support teams as well as national agencies and sports communities across Europe on shaping the environment to support full development of their potential as well as sustaining high performance environments and structures to improve the performance results overall.

The unique challenges and opportunities that sports industry brings with itself and which the much broader business environment is impacted by too are in the centre of my interest and provide me with a work opportunity that I thrive in and I have based my services around.

Piotr Haczek - sztafeta
Piotr Haczek

In a complex business or sport environment, initiatives and programmes must be built on solid pillars. Whether the task is to develop an individual or teams, we must stay focused on what the common goal is and the objectives are. The values that drive the culture of organisations should be at their core and live throughout their strategy and be reflected in their goals.

As an independent consultant I would be delighted to help you to unleash your, your team’s or organisation’s potential through working closely together on ensuring that you apply the best in class principles and making best out of what is available to support the growth and development of your potential and subsequently on creating a sustainable environment that would support it further in various areas of business and life.